Team building

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team work is essential...

Escape rooms are not only fun, they require excellent cooperation and communication between players to win, making them perfect for team-building opportunities.  Our designs bring out the natural leader in all players--the complexity of the puzzles and the pressure of time make it necessary for groups to trust that each player is doing his or her part to help the team reach the ultimate goal of beating the clock!

Faculties, staffs, groups and anyone else looking to treat your group to a good time while building morale and team spirit, Out of the Box is the answer! We offer a meeting room for use before and after the game so you can debrief and make the most of your team's experience.

For more information and booking team-building events, please leave some information and we will find the best way to accommodate your group. Thank you for thinking of Our of the Box Room Escape for your team-building event!

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