Enter the Captain's Cabin...


or our intermediate-level room,

vanishing act! 

You have one hour to Escape the room.


You look around and notice strange items, markings, and messages. Can you decipher the clues and put them together to escape in time? Sixty minutes sounds like a long time until you and your team members are thinking intensely and working frantically to find them and piece them together before. 

You may become a casualty of the room, or take your place on our Wall of Fame but, either way, you will be sure to have an intense and fun experience you will never forget! It is truly a win either way! Gather your friends and family together and see if you can work together to think yourselves out of the box!


The Concept

     In an escape room experience, players will be "locked" (only in your imagination!) in a themed room and use out-of-the-box thinking and teamwork to solve a series of puzzles using clues found around the room. In this game, two heads are certainly better than one--all players will be actively involved and each player's unique perspective and level of experience can help to move the group toward the coveted breakout! Any number of participants can play, but we recommend at least 4 players for the best experience!

 Photo by Savushkin/iStock / Getty Images
 Photo by Marbury/iStock / Getty Images

Who is it For?

Anyone who loves puzzles and/or games, like... couples, friends, families, girl's nighters, date nighters, church groups, field trips, school clubs, both old and young (8 and above with an adult per every 4 children under 16)... Basically, anyone who likes a challenge and having fun will love our escape rooms! For questions about booking or to inquire about special accommodations, contact us here.



Each reservation is $20 plus tax per person for regular games. We have different pricing for team building experiences and a 10% off discount when you book a private room, which is a reservation for up to 10 people for Captain’s Cabin and 6 people for Vanishing Act, and ensures that your group is the only group in the room. That 's the equivalent of one person for free or $18 per participant. Contact us here to inquire about booking for large parties, such as church groups and field trips!


Escape rooms are not only fun, they require seamless cooperation and communication, making them perfect for team-building opportunities.  Our designs bring out the natural leader in all players--the complexity and timed nature makes it necessary for groups to trust that each player is doing his or her part to help the team reach the ultimate goal of beating the clock! 

 Enter Martini's dressing room to uncover the mystery of the Vanishing Act!

Enter Martini's dressing room to uncover the mystery of the Vanishing Act!